A message from QDoc co-founders Russ Gage and David Weissman

Exciting news about the future of QDoc!

We created QDoc in 2007 with a deep faith in the power of documentary films to speak to the history, politics, and culture of the queer community, as well as to the power of a festival experience as a means of creating and nurturing a deep sense of connection in our Portland LGBT community.

You, our audience and supporters, have validated that faith beyond our wildest expectations, and we THANK YOU for the energy and enthusiasm that sustains our work. For the past few years, we’ve been exploring ways to ensure that QDoc could continue to thrive without being so dependent on the two of us. Certainly QDoc’s success would not have been possible without the deep experience and connections that we brought to it from the start, but in truth, we were both reaching a point where we just couldn’t continue to carry so much of the load.

Two years ago, David Robinson joined us as Festival Manager which proved to be an immense help. He also brought into the QDoc world a number of exceptionally smart and talented team members who have helped take QDoc to new heights of community engagement and public awareness.

Deb Kemp, Anna Vasquez (subject, SW of Salem) and Molly King

We’ve been thrilled to have this burst of new enthusiasm and outreach join our QDoc team, and from this group our successors have emerged. Deb Kemp and Molly King will be taking over the reins as Festival Co-Directors at QDoc 2017. Together they are immensely accomplished event producers and marketing powerhouses who have fallen in love with the whole QDoc experience and are excited to be part of the festival’s future.

We, Russ and David, will continue to be active as Senior Programmers, and will be working closely with Deb and Molly as they transition into their Director roles for the festival. We will actively mentor and advise in areas where our expertise and history is vital, but we are certain that Deb and Molly will be bringing ideas and talents of their own that will take QDoc to new levels of success. We’re incredibly excited to share this news with you, and we all look forward to a fabulous QDoc 2017!

Russ Gage & David Weissman
Co-Founders & Senior Programmers