Youth Speak Out — Shorts Program

Sun, June 5th, 2pm

Directors & subjects from Put This on the {Map} in attendance

Blazing a new media trail, the next generation gives us a firsthand look at what it means to be young and queer today in these short documentaries by and about queer youth. 20 Straws, made by Youth Video OUTreach of Columbus, Ohio, is a touching and heartfelt film about nine gay and lesbian youth coming out and staying out in high school. I’m Just Anneke is a portrait of a12-year-old girl who loves ice hockey, dresses as a boy and isn’t sure she wants to transition, or if it’s even necessary.

In Always My Son, self-described “macho Marine dad” Ed describes his own transformation after his son comes out in a truly touching and inspiring film from the Family Acceptance Project. Equally uplifting is filmmaker Ewan Duarte’s Spiral Transition, in which he documents his evolving relationship with his mother as he transitions genders.

Wrapping up our program of outstanding docs about queer youth is Put This on the {Map}, in which 26 young people from the Seattle suburbs, frustrated with a lack of queer visibility, launch their own project to empower themselves and others. Speaking about their identities and personal journeys toward self-acceptance, these inspiring young educators are an example of everything our community should be proud of. Let’s put that on the {map}!

20 Straws: Growing Up Gay: Dirs Youth Video OUTreach Collective 2007 USA 28 min.
I’m Just Anneke: Dir Jonathan Skurnik 2010 USA 11 min.
Always My Son: Dir Vivian Kleiman 2009 USA 15 min.
Spiral Transition: Dir Ewan Duarte 2010 USA 6 min.
Put This on the {Map}: Dirs Megan Kennedy and Sid Peterson 2010 USA 32 min.

Community Partners: Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center
The Living Room