Sun, May 17th, 12:30pm
Hollywood Theatre

What happens when LGBTQ youth of color band together and dare to be “out” on stage about their lives and their loves?

True Colors is a Boston-based theater troupe that raises LGBTQ awareness by performing to middle and high school students, social workers, friends and family. For this season, they have decided to explore the topic of “queer love” in all of its manifestations.

TYWTALDirector Ellen Brodsky introduces us to an incredibly inspiring group of young people who use the power of dramatic expression to cope with their own conflicts. Alyssa has been kicked out of the house for coming out as trans. Chi is struggling with acceptance from his conservative Baptist church. Giftson is a Haitian-American who’s already endured tragic violence in his personal life.

The Year We Thought About Love brings us inside the collaborative creative process in which these young personalities grow into sharp, empowered performers. After the Boston Marathon bombs explode yards from their rehearsal space, the troupe becomes even more determined to share their stories of love to help their city heal.
—Jimmy Radosta


The Year We Thought About Love: Dir Ellen Brodsky 2015 USA 68 min
Sponsored by: Pink Martini
Community Partners: PFLAG; Portland GSA Youth Chorus: Queer Intersections Portland