Training Rules

Sat, May 30, 2009, 6:30pm
Co-Director Dee Mosbacher in attendance

During her 26-year coaching career at Penn State University, Rene Portland had three publicly well-known rules for her women’s basketball team – no drinking, no drugs, and no lesbians. She enforced these rules with a vengeance for more than two and a half decades, without apology and without interference from Penn State’s powerful and wealthy athletic department.

In 2006, player Jennifer Harris, along with the National Center for Lesbian Rights, sued Portland and Penn State for discrimination. Harris’ courage led other women victimized by Portland through the years to come forward and share their stories.

TRAINING RULES skillfully exposes what is unfortunately a far more pervasive problem than simply one coach’s homophobia. The film serves as both a wake-up call to the many athletic departments nationwide that still discriminate against their student athletes and coaches, as well as inspiration to those athletes ready to fight back.

Preceded by BREAKIN’ THE GLASS, an exciting and fast paced look at the promise of women’s professional basketball. Featuring fast breaks, cross-over dribbles, and three point bombs, the rise and demise of the American Basketball League (go Portland Power!) is a testament to the importance of women role models and professional opportunities for women athletes.

BREAKIN’ THE GLASS dirs Marla Leach and Dina Maria Munsch 2000 USA 28 min.
TRAINING RULES dirs Dee Mosbacher and Fawn Yacker 2009 USA 59 min.
Community Partner: Oregon Gay and Lesbian Law Association