The Universe of Keith Haring

Sat, May 31, 2008, 9pm

Young, sexy New York art superstar Keith Haring created some of the most popular and iconic imagery of the late 20th century. His style was, and still is, instantly recognizable – a flowing electric graffiti with which he covered everything from subway stations to BMW convertibles; from Grace Jones’ body to the men’s room wall in NYC’s LGBT community center. Following in the pop art footsteps of his friend and mentor Andy Warhol, Haring revolutionized contemporary art over the span of a single decade, 1980 to1990.

Christina Clausen’s delightful documentary, The Universe of Keith Haring, captures the essence of this talented, playful, and joyous spirit. Featuring a wealth of footage taken of Keith over the years (at work and at play!), the film recaptures the exhilarating NYC art scene in the ‘80s; with appearances by Madonna, Yoko Ono and David LaChapelle, among others.

Diagnosed with HIV in the late ‘80s, he was one of the few people to openly discuss his disease publicly at the time and donated the use of many of his images to HIV education and grassroots AIDS activism. One of the many brilliant young members of our community who died in their prime (1990), his legacy and motto,“Art is for everyone!” lives on in the hundreds of public works he left scattered around the world.