The Rugby Player

Producer Holly Million and Director of Photography Chris Million  in attendance

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Saturday, May 17th, 4:30pm
Kennedy School Theater

rugbyMark Bingham could be described as a typical all-American jock. Captain of his high school rugby team, then a star player with UC Berkeley’s championship-winning team, he was even president of the Chi Psi Fraternity. At age 21, he surprised pretty much everyone by coming out as a gay man.

On September 11th, 2001, Mark Bingham died on United Airlines Flight 93, widely believed to be one of a group of four men who heroically fought to overtake control of the plane from the hijackers.

This film explores Mark’s extraordinary relationship with his single mom, who happened to be a flight attendant. It offers a perspective on gender through the prism of a young gay man seeking his identity in the aggressively masculine world of high school and college sports. Utilizing home movies made by Mark himself in his early years, the film also includes interviews with his high school friends, coaches and fraternity brothers, his former partner, and his close-knit family. They all help paint a generous portrait of Mark Bingham and why his courageous actions on 9/11 were not an anomaly, but part of who he was.

— Andy Motz

The Rugby Player: Dir Scott Gracheff USA 80 min

Sponsored By:  Rick Watkins and Les Lewis

Community Partners:  Equity Foundation;  Portland PFLAG