The Advocate for Fagdom

Sat, June 4, 2011, 9pm

Is it porn or is it art? Using the vocabulary of gay pornography, Canadian auteur Bruce La Bruce relentlessly probes gay undercurrents in the extremes of popular culture. From neo-Nazi skinheads to armed terrorists to zombies, no dark corner of the “straight” world is safe from his spotlight view on the faggot sexuality lurking in the shadows.

La Bruce, along with the likes of Derek Jarman, Gregg Araki and Todd Haynes, was a leading contributor to what B. Ruby Rich, in 1992, dubbed the New Queer Cinema movement of independent queer-themed film, albeit in his own edgy realm.

Both an excellent introduction to La Bruce and an insightful analysis, The Advocate for Fagdom is delightfully packed with rare archival footage of his films. Interviews with icons such as Gus Van Sant, Harmony Korine and John Waters not only serve to examine La Bruce’s films but the whole of gay culture. Purposefully rude in his cultural commentary, La Bruce transgresses all our assumptions of what is safe, what is dangerous and what is hot.
−Wing Grabowski

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