Director Jeffrey Schwarz in attendance


Sat, May 16th, 1:00pm
Hollywood Theatre

Director Jeffrey Schwarz (Vito and I Am Divine) returns to QDoc for the third time with this loving portrait of one the great Hollywood heartthrobs of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Tab Hunter was a household name, the epitome of the 1950s all-American boy. Told mostly through Hunter’s own words, the movie also features interviews with John Waters, Debbie Reynolds, George Takei and Clint Eastwood.

tabhunterconfidentialTeenager Art Kelm’s jaw-dropping good looks caused so much disruption among the girls in high school that he dropped out and joined the Coast Guard. His face (and physique) soon caught the eye of Hollywood. Renamed Tab Hunter, he debuted with a performance so bad even his mother told him, “You were lousy.” But a string of hit movies followed, along with a singing career that instantly scored a No. 1 hit (knocking Elvis to second place).

Even the revelation (in notorious Confidential magazine) that America’s teen heartthrob had been arrested at a “limp-wristed pajama party” didn’t stop Tab’s skyrocketing career. Nor did his well-disguised love affair with fellow movie star Tony Perkins. But when Tab bucked the studio system, a rocky road lay ahead—leading to an unlikely career comeback starring opposite drag superstar Divine in Polyester and Lust in the Dust.

In charting Hunter’s giddy highs and grueling lows, Tab Hunter Confidential is a meditation on the quicksilver nature of fame —and the story of one gay man’s path to inner peace.
—Steven Saylor


Tab Hunter Confidential: Dir Jeffrey Schwarz 2015 USA 90 min
Sponsored by: Tom Barreto & Howie Bierbaum
Community Partner: Portland Gay Men’s Chorus