Subject Rae Tutera in attendance

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Sat, May 21st 6:00pm
Hollywood Theatre

“The finest clothing made is a person’s own skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this” is a Twainism that remains as true today as it was in 1906. For many transgender and gender-nonconforming people, finding the right fit can play a signficant role in feeling comfortable in their own skin.

Rae Tutera joined forces with tailor Daniel Friedman, initially as an apprentice, to eventually form the Brooklyn tailoring company Bindle & Keep, specializing in custom-made suits for clients who live outside the gender binary. “For a lot of people with all kinds of bodies and all kinds of identities, clothes can make or break every day of their lives,” Rae says. “Everyone has a right to feel good and be themselves. You have the right to be handsome.”

Director Jason Benjamin’s Suited, produced by Lena Dunham, follows the clothier duo and their clients from initial consultation to final fitting. Among those sharing their unique and intimate stories are a trans bar mitzvah boy, a NYC cab driver, a law student and a transgender man preparing for his wedding. When they finally see themselves in the mirror, the expressions on their faces reveal a truly transformative, empowering moment.
—Jimmy Radosta

Suited: Dir Jason Benjamin 2016 USA 77 min
Presented by: HBODocumentaryFilms
Community Partners: Equity Foundation & Q Center