Director David Weissman and Editors Alex Bohs and Jake Stein in attendance

Sun, May 22nd 12:00pm
Hollywood Theatre

QDoc co-founder and filmmaker David Weissman (We Were Here, The Cockettes) presents a project-in-progress screening of his new doc series, Conversations with Gay Elders. Weissman initiated this project to capture the experiences of gay men of the pre-Stonewall generation, in collaboration with younger-generation gay men as editors. In a departure from his previous work, Weissman’s focus here is on creating multiple in-depth individual character studies rather than a single feature film, and to create a large, rich repository of these histories for future generations who won’t have direct access to the men who lived them.

Unlike most minority groups, gay men (as with others in the LGBT spectrum) can’t readily learn our culture and history from our pr imarily nongay parents. Additionally, for a number of complex reasons, communication between generations of gay men is often difficult; Conversations with Gay Elders is an attempt to bridge some of those gaps.

This program will feature two of the “conversations” shot thus far. These interviews feature San Franciscan Robert Dockendorff (76), who grew up in rural Idaho, and New Yorker Daniel Maloney (77), raised in Darby, Pennsylvania. Editors Alex Bohs (25), who is editing the Dockendorff piece and Jake Stein (25) who is editing the Maloney piece, will engage in postscreening conversation with Weissman.

Sneak Preview: Conversations with Gay Elders: Dir David Weissman USA 2016 75 min
Sponsored by: Tom Barreto & Howie Bierbaum
Community Partners: Q Center & Sage Metro Portland & Portland State University School of Theater and Film