She’s A Boy I Knew

Sun, June 1, 2008, 5pm

A profound first-person account, She’s A Boy I Knew chronicles filmmaker Gwen Haworth’s transition from Steven, a straight male, to Gwen, a gay female. Blessed with an abundance of contemporary as well as archival family footage, Haworth has made a tender and thoughtful film of self-discovery that is part family drama and part love story.

Using revealing and emotional interviews with her two sisters, parents, best friend, and ex-wife, Malgosia, the filmmaker boldly gives voice to the perspectives of those closest to her who mourned the loss of Steven and eventually came to embrace Gwen. Particular emphasis is given to Haworth’s relationship with Malgosia (above left) and her process of adjusting to the dramatic changes in her marriage to Steven. The film doesn’t shy away from the high price – financially, physically and emotionally – that the director has had to pay while undergoing this momentous change.

She’s A Boy I Knew, a tremendously uplifting story, leaves its audience with the great satisfaction of knowing that we are witnessing the emergence of a hugely talented and compassionate lesbian filmmaker who happened to have been born in a male body.