Searching For Sandeep

Fri, May 30, 2008, 9pm

Setting out to make a film about the online dating scene, Sydney filmmaker Poppy Stockell regards the whole idea of finding virtual prospects totally fascinating, if a little weird. Especially in how the immediacy of “meeting” strangers and reading their intimate details has transformed the way in which those of an entire generation relate to one another in the search for love, sex, or even friendship.

Searching 4 Sandeep starts out as a light-hearted documentary, but quickly turns into a very personal story when Poppy stumbles upon the profile of her perfect match, Sandeep. Well, perfect in every way except for the colossal difference in their cultural and social backgrounds, not to mention geographic location. Sandeep lives halfway around the world in the British Midlands…with her conservative Sikh family…to whom she is still in the closet about her sexuality.

With Sandeep surprisingly willing, Poppy sends her a video camera, and separately they document the evolution of their bi-continental crush. Filled with a joyful sense of adventure, the film is anchored in its authenticity. And even with many significant obstacles in their way, clearly love is worth fighting for. Preceded by Small Town Secrets, in which the director and her parents discuss why keeping it a secret seemed like the only option.