Question One

Saturday, May 19, 2012 @ 6pm
Directors Joe Fox & James Nubile and subject Darlene Huntress in attendance


On May 6th, 2009, Maine became the first state in this country to legislatively grant samesex
couples the right to marry. Seven months later, on November 3rd, 2009, Maine reversed
that decision by voter referendum, becoming the 31st state to say “no” to marriage equality.
Question One chronicles the fierce and emotional battle that took place in Maine during that
time, a battle whose political symbolism is a bellwether for the greater ideological battlefield
in American politics.

Closely mirroring California’s Prop 8 battle, Question One chronicles the behind-the-scenes
workings of both sides of the conflict. The filmmakers spent the duration of the campaign
imbedded in the war rooms and strategy sessions, capturing the private thoughts, insights,
fears and conflicts expressed by key leaders as they crafted and created their messages
and strategies. Equally fascinating are the interviews with foot soldiers from each side who
passionately believe in their cause.

With the state of Washington facing its own voter referendum this year, and the equality
movement in Oregon carefully strategizing its next move, Question One provides an insightful
and timely examination of the inner workings and cross-continental tactics that are being
employed in marriage equality battles across the country.
Panel discussion facilitated by Basic Rights Oregon following the film.

Question One: Dirs Joe Fox & James Nubile 2011 USA 113 min.

Community Partners: Basic Rights Oregon, Human Rights Campaign Portland, Equal Rights Washington