Other Nature

Sun, June 6, 2010, 3:00pm

In 2007 news rippled around the world that Nepal’s Supreme Court had struck down laws discriminating against homosexuality and ruled to acknowledge a third gender identity. Legalization of same-sex marriage and a directive to protect the rights of gays and lesbians soon followed. Inspired by the news, filmmaker Nani Sahra Walker traveled back to her birthplace to discover and document the tremendous changes under way.

Despite the court’s pronouncements, legal and social change is slow to come, and LGBT activists are deeply engaged in securing their newfound rights. With a new constitution being written, it is critical for the voices of sexual minorities to make themselves heard. As third gender activist Badri Pun bluntly puts it, “Kick us out of the country…or give us our rights.”

Walker’s access to those involved in the struggle is impressive. Through the lens of third gender activists, gay and lesbian activists, politicians, scholars, sex workers, nuns, artists, military cadets, friends and family, we see that the path to full equality will take solidarity, determination, strength of character and a peace with oneself. Making its North American premiere at QDoc, OTHER NATURE captures the spirit of this movement and the people behind it beautifully.

Other Nature: Dir Nani Sahra Walker 2009 Nepal/USA 57 min.

Community Partner: Oregon Gay and Lesbian Law Association