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Fri, May 20th 9:00pm
Hollywood Theatre

“We are Palestine, we are queer, and we are here!”

Oriented_web_large“Here” means Tel Aviv, where three gay Palestinian friends are exploring their national, sexual and cultural identities. As gay men they face repression within their own Palestinian communities, yet as Palestinians they are always facing oppression living in Israel.

Khader is an optimist who came out as a teenager. He’s unsure about whether to settle down near his friends and family, or escape the conflict zone by relocating to Europe. “There is life outside of that stupid ghetto,” he acknowledges after visiting Berlin.

Naeem is struggling to decide when to come out to his conservative family. “You either choose to live comfortably for yourself,” a friend advises, “or you choose to live comfortably for your parents.”

Fadi is politically passionate, but finds himself torn when he falls for an Israeli soldier. “I’m in love with the enemy,” he sighs. “I’m in love with everything I fight against.”

The friends form a nonviolent group called Qambuta to create social change through viral online videos. Their art represents gender equality while addressing what it means to grow up with the burden of a multifaceted identity. Oriented provides an intimate look at a bold generation that’s shattering stereotypes about queer life in Israel.
—Jimmy Radosta

Oriented: Dir Jake Witzenfeld 2015 Israel 86 min
Sponsored by: Jeff Haber & Storm Large
Community Partner: Pride Foundation