Director Cecilia Aldarondo in attendance

Sat, May 21st 3:30pm
Hollywood Theatre

Cecilia Aldarondo grew up with stories of an uncle Miguel who had died of cancer and repented his homosexuality on his deathbed in 1987. Spurred by home movies and family rumors, she began to question her devout family’s role in his repentance, whether he had died of cancer or AIDS, and the fate of his former lover Robert, who had been shunned by the family.

MEMORIES_OF_A_PENITENT_HEART_web_largeThe answers she found take us on a personal and historical journey into the loves, prayers and secrets of a Puerto Rican immigrant family. Spanning three generations, Memories of a Penitent Heart is both an exploration of the strength and the wounds created by religion and a lyrical comparison between the conflicted identities of immigrants in a new homeland and gay men marginalized from their families and faith.

The ultimate question Aldarondo asks of us and herself is: “How do we forgive and heal when the knowledge to do so is hidden from us?”
—Donal Mosher

Memories of a Penitent Heart: Dir Cecilia Aldarondo 2016 USA/Puerto Rico 74 min
Sponsored by: Bill Dickey
Community Partners: PFLAG Portland & Queer Intersections Portland