Director Jean Carlomusto in attendance


Sun, May 17th, 7:00pm
Hollywood Theatre

Director Jean Carlomusto’s HBO biopic beautifully captures the complex, irrepressible, inspirational, exasperating and never un-interesting essence of Larry Kramer.

Widely known as the founder of ACT-UP and as one of the most unrelenting voices of AIDS activism, Kramer is fleshed out through remarkable archival materials and forthright interviews with friends, family and colleagues. We’re introduced to Larry as a child in a very tempestuous family; learn of his struggles with coming out at Yale in the ‘50s. After establishing himself as a highly successful screenwriter whose credits included Ken Russell’s Women in Love, Kramer outraged many in the gay community with the publication of his first novel, Faggots.

As with every gay man of his generation, Kramer’s life was upended by the coming of AIDS—and his rage at both the powers-that-be and frequently at his own community led him to the founding of Gay Men’s Health Crisis in New York and subsequently ACT-UP. Kramer’s wrenching, mostly autobiographical play, 1984’s The Normal Heart, was one of the first theatrical productions to deal with the AIDS epidemic.

Filmmaker Carlomusto, a longtime colleague of Kramer’s, manages to create a tender yet unflinching portrait of a man whom few would describe as tender. Larry Kramer in Love & Anger beautifully humanizes this larger-than-life man; his brilliance, tenacity and vulnerability are explored with intelligence and deep sensitivity.


Larry Kramer in Love & Anger: Dir Jean Carlomusto 2014 USA 82 min
Sponsored by: HBO Documentaries
Sponsored by: Les Lewis & Rick Watkins
Community Partner: Cascade AIDS Project