La Bocca del Lupo

Saturday, May 19, 2012 @ 4pm

In Italian “La Bocca del Lupo” means “mouth of the wolf.” It is also the name of the bay of
Genoa, as well as slang for finding oneself in hard times or behind the barred windows of
prisons. In his film La Bocca del Lupo, Pietro Marcello weaves all these meanings into a
cinematically expansive and deeply intimate love story between two unlikely partners and
the city where they dream of making a new life together.

Released from prison for murder, Enzo returns to the back alleys and red-light districts
of Genoa to reunite with his true love Mary–but all is not what it seems with these two
outsiders who dream of finding a quiet haven together. One revelation after another
unfolds as the course of their affair moves from prison yards, to neon-lit bars, to
an astounding interview in the home they share. The result is both a unique tale of
commitment and fidelity and an exploration of the violent and tender sides of life in the
city’s underworld. Using the audio tapes that the lovers exchanged during incarceration;
contemporary and archival footage that evokes classic Italian cinema; and a narration
reminiscent of Proust and Jean Genet, La Bocca del Lupo blends personal passions and
poetic history to create a hymn to love, to memory and finally to Genoa and the lives of
those at its margins. –Donal Mosher

La Bocca del Lupo: Dir Pietro Marcello 2009 Italy 75 min.