Juchitan Queer Paradise

Sun, June 3, 2007, 2pm

A completely delightful and surprising story of queer life in a small city in Southern Mexico. Juchitan is located in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, where the indigenous Zapotec culture has strong matriarchal traditions. According to local legend, God gave Vincente Ferrer, the patron Saint of Juchitan, a bag full of queers to distribute throughout the world. Everywhere Vincente traveled, he’d leave behind a queer or two. When at Juchitan, however, the bag broke, spilling all the queers into this one town.

Juchitan Queer Paradise focuses on some of the local queers-men and transsexuals-who speak about community acceptance and their own self-awareness in ways that would be surprising even in some of the most supposedly �liberal� urban queer centers. An urbane intellectual speaks openly of paying for sex, a hairdresser discusses her life as a transsexual, and a prominent shop owner speaks of his long-term relationship. The integration of the local �muxes� (queers) into community life is described by friends, family members and even the town mayor, and the film culminates in an annual fiesta thrown by the local queens and attended by a broad cross-section of the whole community.

JUCHITAN QUEER PARADISE: dir Patricio Henriquez 2002 Canada 65 min. In English, Spanish and Zapotec with alternating voice-over and subtitles.
Community Partner: Latino Gay PRIDE – �Noche de Fuego! – Sunday June 10th