Jobriath A.D.

Saturday, May 19, 2012 @ 9:30pm
Director Kieran Turner in attendance

Jobriath A.D. uncovers the amazing forgotten story of a musical prodigy who aspired to be the
first openly gay rock star in the early ‘70s. Born Bruce Campell in 1946, he burst into the heart
of 1960s counterculture as “Jobriath Salisbury” singing the song “Sodomy” in the original L.A.
cast of Hair.

Wildly talented, hyper ambitious, seductively and flamboyantly gay, Jobriath hooked up with
infamous and powerful promoter Jerry Brandt, who just a year earlier had skyrocketed Carly
Simon to stardom. Brandt massively hyped Jobriath as a new rock messiah who would “outglitter Bowie, out-queen Queen… “ But Brandt’s hype backfired, and the self-proclaimed “True Fairy of Rock ‘n’ Roll” proved to be too much even for the era of androgynous glam rockers and sexual ambiguity.

Director Kieran Turner follows Jobriath from his complicated family life and his musical
beginnings in L.A. through his rollercoaster relationship with the wolf-like yet fawning Brandt.
The film also chronicles his amazing capacity for reinvention in new forms, ending with his final
days as a cabaret singer dwelling in the famous Chelsea Hotel. Beautifully accented by animated depictions of Jobriath’s life, Jobriath A.D. features stunning archival footage and interviews with acquaintances, family and subsequent generations of performers (including Jake Shears, Joey Arias and Marc Almond) inspired by his truly stellar dreams and talent.

Jobriath A.D.: Dir Kieran Turner 2011 USA 107 min.

Community Partners: Northwest Film Center, Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Pants-off Productions