It’s Still Elementary

Sun, June 1, 1pm

It’s Elementary, a groundbreaking 1996 documentary, explored how addressing
anti-gay prejudice in elementary and middle school classrooms could help in preventing violence and supporting alternative families. Directors Deborah Chasnoff and Helen Cohen endearingly delivered this daring message through the language of the curious, and at times hilariously direct, kids they captured on film.

Chasnoff’s It’s Still Elementary is the very timely follow-up, reviewing the tremendous national impact of the original film through its broadcast on over 100 cable access channels and use as a teaching and advocacy tool across the country. Thankfully, the film catches us up with some of the most memorable kids, now college age, who have turned out to be thoughtful and remarkable human beings. It’s Still Elementary is a tribute to the awesome power of documentary filmmaking and grassroots organizing.

Immediately following this free screening stay for an informative panel on the status of safe schools in Oregon. Joyce Liljeholm, board member of Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition; Jessica Lee, queer youth organizer for Basic Rights Oregon; and Johnny Symons, co-director of It’s Still Elementary, will be among the panelists.