It Came From Kuchar

Fri, May 29, 2009, 9pm
Director Jennifer Kroot in attendance

Director John Waters considers Mike and George Kuchar’s films “my first inspiration.” As an impressionable youth, Waters saw in their work “a vision so peculiar, so hilarious, goodnatured and proudly pitiful that I realized (with a little help from LSD) that I too could make the films of my dreams.”

Bronx-born twins, both gay, the Kuchars began making 8mm films as teenagers in the 1950s, and in the early ‘60s they were a part of the cutting-edge NYC underground film scene of Jack Smith, Jonas Mekas, and Andy Warhol. Unlike the more “arty” films of their peers, the Kuchars’ work wallowed in hilariously lurid, melodramatic deviations on cheesy Hollywood convention. With titles like SINS OF THE FLESHAPOIDS, HOLD ME WHEN I’M NAKED, and I WAS A TEENAGE RUMPOT, the Kuchar films featured tawdry glamour, spaceships and aliens, preposterous vulgarity and over-the-top performances by some of their very peculiar friends and family members.

Both brothers have continued to produce exceedingly kooky work, with more than 200 films to their names. George has been making films with his SF Art Institute students since 1971, rarely missing an opportunity to push their sexual boundaries. Beautifully directed by a former student of George’s, IT CAME FROM KUCHAR is an affectionate, funny look at the lives and work of these unique and very prolific cinematic oddballs.

IT CAME FROM KUCHAR dir Jennifer Kroot 2009 USA 86 min.
Community Partner: Northwest Film Center