Inspired: Voices Against Prop 8

Sun, June 5, 2011, 4:30pm

Director Charlie Gage in attendance

The passage of California’s Proposition 8 was met with shock and disbelief from LGBT communities across the country. Anger soon followed, and mass protests erupted throughout California, particularly in Los Angeles, where so many people, gay and straight, were caught completely off guard. Inspired takes a look at a diverse group of individuals who were spurred into action by the results of Prop 8, which awoke a new grassroots movement in Southern California.

Criticizing both the failed No on 8 statewide campaign (too controlling!) and the community as a whole (too complacent!), people naturally looked for answers. But blame in L.A. was quickly replaced with a renewed sense of determination. From East L.A. to Hollywood, Long Beach to Pasadena, average citizens were politicized overnight and word-of-mouth demonstrations sprang up throughout the city. L.A. saw the emergence of countless new political organizations, and Latino voices emerged not as mere educators to the movement but as outspoken leaders of the movement.

Prop 8, currently overturned by a U.S. district court and awaiting appeal, in many ways can be credited with this newfound sense of urgency and unity among everyday LGBT citizens. Where On These Shoulders We Stand illuminates Los Angeles’ early LGBT social and political history, Inspired chronicles a new generation of political activists and grassroots organizations.

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