FTF: Female to Femme

Sat, May 31, 2008, 6:30pm

With all the focus in recent years on transgender issues, dialogues around butch and FtM identities, and the profusion of drag king performance, there hasn’t been much acknowledgement of the femme. In FtF: Female to Femme, filmmakers Kami Chisholm and Elizabeth Stark celebrate femme identity – and assert the femme’s rightful place as a radical sexual icon.

In a film that manages to be sexy, smart, and sometimes hilariously funny, the filmmakers explore a wide range of perspectives on being femme. Interviewees include actress and writer Guinivere Turner, novelist and activist Jewelle Gomez, poet Meliza Bañales and rock stars Leslie Mah (Tribe8) and Bitch (Bitch & Animal). Their words are interspersed with tantalizing snippets of femme burlesque troupes and a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek FtF transition support group.

Fulfilling Fantasy, an episode from here TV’s over-the-top Lesbian Sex and Sexuality series, delves into some of the more lascivious aspects of lesbian life. Award-winning filmmaker Katherine Linton offers an unblinking and light-hearted look inside the world of lesbian culture in this provocative docu-series.