Director Jack Walsh and producer Christine Murray in attendance


Sun, May 17th, 4:30pm
Hollywood Theatre

In 1962, Yvonne Rainer and a group of maverick choreographers known as Judson Dance Theater revolutionized modern dance by introducing everyday gestures like walking and running, performing in street clothes and sneakers, and screaming and yelling into the dance lexicon.

FeelingsAreFactsRainer’s work, which avoids narrative and character in favor of repetition and randomness, caused a furor among audiences and critics with its fierce refusal merely to entertain. The dance footage in Feelings Are Facts—and the interviews with Rainer—are  nonetheless riveting, galvanized by the spare and supple presence of her “recalcitrant, undancerly body.” Over time, her works became increasingly personal and political.

In the early 1970s, Rainer turned to experimental filmmaking. During the next 25 years, she created an extraordinary series of films that view power, privilege and inequality through the lens of her unique feminist and artistic sensibility. A MacArthur Foundation “genius” grant recipient and breast cancer survivor, Rainer fell in love with a woman and came out at theage of 56.  Now 80, she is still working on the stage, after Mikhail Baryshnikov persuaded her to make a belated comeback as a choreographer in 2000. Her work—and this film— are required viewing for iconoclasts and all who appreciate them.
—Stella Maris


Feelings Are Facts: The Life of Yvonne Rainer: Dir Jack Walsh 2015 USA 83 min
Community Partners: Northwest Film Center; Performance Works NW; PICA; White Bird