Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement

Sat, June 5, 2010, 4pm

Edie and Thea love to dance. They danced all night the first time they met, and they have danced happily together through more than 40 years of life, love and loss. Winner of countless awards for Best Documentary at festivals around the world, EDIE & THEA: A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT is a love story about two remarkable women whose passion and commitment to each other is an inspiration to all.

Directors Ólafsdóttir and Muska (The Brandon Teena Story) have fashioned a richly rewarding portrait of this delightfully feisty couple, and in doing so have documented a treasure of pre-Stonewall history. In 1960s New York, lesbian life was a closeted existence where the social scene revolved around clandestine, Mafia-operated bars. With frequent threats of raids and exposure, immense societal pressure and unsupportive families, these courageous women and others like them survived and went on to become tireless community activists while building a beautiful life together. As Edie puts it, “I didn’t want a life without love.”

Watching Edie and Thea reminiscing over old photographs from their early days, their enduring love and attraction for each other is palpable. “If I look at Edie now, she looks exactly the same to me,” says Thea. No matter your age, gender or sexuality, prepare to be moved by this heartwarming and entertaining film.

Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement: Dirs Susan Muska & Gréta Ólafsdóttir 2009 USA 61 min.

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