City of Borders

Thurs, May 28, 2009, 7:30pm
Director Yun Suh in attendance

In a city seething with religious and political tensions, Jerusalem’s only gay bar, Shushan, offers an oasis of freedom and acceptance. Palestinians and Israelis, lesbians and gay men, gather at Shushan in a spirit of community and mutual support. Unlike cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, Jerusalem’s political atmosphere is dominated by ultra-religious Jews, who have found rare common ground with their fundamentalist Muslim and Christian counterparts in their shared hostility toward gays and lesbians.

CITY OF BORDERS takes us into the lives of some of Shushan’s habitues – Palestinian lesbian Samira and her Israeli partner, Ravit; devout Muslim Boody, who receives death threats in his home town of Ramallah and sneaks through the border to perform in drag at Shushan; an activist gay couple who are building a house among right-wing settlers in the West Bank; and the bar’s owner, Sa’ar, a tenacious idealist who was the only gay member of Jerusalem’s city council.

Yun Suh’s provocative and inspiring film offers the hope that people from conflicting worlds can embrace their commonalities rather than be defined by their differences.

CITY OF BORDERS dir Yun Suh 2009 USA 66 min.