Beyond Conception: Men Having Babies

Sat, May 31, 2008, 4pm

The stork is soooo last century! Welcome to the modern world of surrogacy agencies, sperm and egg donors, test tube fertilization and all kinds of high-tech alternatives available to those with the determination – and resources – to pursue the family of their dreams. Jennifer and Jenna, a lesbian couple, are both trying to become pregnant, albeit with very different agendas. Jennifer already has two kids, but Jenna wants to have a biological child of her own. Jennifer, though not wanting another child, really just wants to experience pregnancy again! Enter Paul and Bruce – a gay couple who already have an adopted child but are craving a second and want this one to be the spawn of their own seed.

Director Johnny Symons (Daddy and Papa, 2002) once again tackles complex issues surrounding gay and lesbian parenthood with insight, compassion, and humor. Beyond Conception plays out like a suspenseful drama. No amount of technology can diminish the emotional rollercoaster of the adventure Paul and Bruce, and Jennifer and Jenna, have embarked upon.