Becoming Chaz

Sun, June 5, 2011, 7pm

It was hard enough for Chastity Bono to grow up in the shadow of her famous folks, Sonny and Cher. Then a tabloid outed her as a lesbian in 1990, drawing public attention to a private struggle for acceptance from her parents, one a gay icon and the other a Republican politician.

But the biggest revelation didn’t come until 2009, when Chaz Bono announced his transition from female to male, making him quite possibly the most visible face of the transgender community. From the acclaimed directors of The Eyes of Tammy Faye and Party Monster, this touching documentary takes viewers inside the home of Chaz and his partner, Jennifer, as they confront the inner and outer challenges of gender transition: the side effects of testosterone,

Cher’s struggle with pronouns and Chaz’s emerging role as a trans advocate.
As a friend tearfully congratulates Chaz after his top surgery, she observes: “It’s such a milestone that he had the courage to be who he really is, which is really what I think we’re all about…to find who you really are inside and let that grow.” –Jimmy Radosta

Community Partner: TransActive